Classic Computer Colloquium Cologne – 15th November at Auction Team Breker

My friends at Auction Team Breker ( will host their 2nd Classic Computer Colloquium (CCC) on november 15th. Breker is very well known for their world-record prices for working original Apple 1 computers.

I have the pleasure to help them when it comes up to vintage computers. Breker will auction on saturday 16th november another very very sweet Apple 1 and some other vintage computing stuff. On the friday before there is a public preview on the auction items.

The first CCC was held this may. Here are some impressions:


The next event is on friday, 15th november starting at 4PM in Cologne/Germany (Breker facilities). The event is free and there is absolutely no obligation to buy anything.

We will fire up several machines, discuss and have some fun. These are the vintage computers we have a look at:

  • Original working Apple 1
  • Apple Lisa 1 + 2
  • Apple Macintosh Prototype – Twiggymac
  • Apple III
  • MITS Altair 8800
  • IMSAI 8080
  • SOL 20 Terminal Computer
  • Commodore PET 2001 – Blue PET
  • NeXT Cube


Besides the Apple 1 my personal highlight is the Macintosh Prototype. Only 2 working examples are known to exist and this is the ultra-rare version with a working Twiggy Drive. The MAC OS is still BETA with funny messages from the “Boss”: an error message for example comes with a pictogramm of Steve Jobs argueing “Steve sez…”

6-Steve-Sez-1Here is a video of this incredible machine:

These machines are auctioned then on saturday 16th november at 10AM. Here is the online catalogue all items can be found also here at where bidding is also possible online.

Let me know if you want to come on friday – it’s free. You can also attend the auction itself on saturday.

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