My Apple Lisa Collection

Inspired by a post at Googles Lisa List ( there was a guy posting a photo of 16 Apple Lisas he recently sold. Here is the pic the rumor was about:

Terry Stewart (aka Tezza) from New Zealand who recently restored 2 Apple Lisa (nice repair blog – have a look here) postet a comment into Erik’s Vintage Computer Forums.

When I saw that I remembered my own Apple Lisa collection and that I shoot some photos last autumn when my wife was in a good mood and allowed me to do so.
On the photos my little daughter Lisa (16 months) plays with her older sisters 😉

Here are the pics:











I also shot a video that I uploaded to youtube:

The Apple Lisa is my absolute favourite #1 vintage computer: it set milestones in 1983 and was the first successful GUI machine which was operated with a mouse. There were earlier GUI machines like the Xerox Alto or Xerox Star but they were not really available to the public.

I got my first Apple Lisa in 2005. Since then I collected over 35 machines from all over the world. I repair, sell and/or trade them for other vintage computers. Most Lisas suffer from bad power supplies, bad keyboard, faulty cpu/memory/mother- and I/O boards. The diskette drive is often stucked and also the graphic board is sometimes bad. It is also rather difficult to get an old hard disk back to work. The Lisa used 2 different hard disks: the first models (Lisa 1 and 2/5) used the external Apple Profile disks (with whooping 5MB storage capacity – later 10MB). The later Lisa 2/10 and Macintosh XL used the interal “Widget” drive. These hard disks were built to work for a period of about 5 years – so every hard drive that is working 25 years after is a great find.


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11 Responses to My Apple Lisa Collection

  1. Peter Hortig says:

    Hallo Rudi,
    herzlichen Glückwunsch zu der schönen Website! Neben dem Stolz auf die Lisas ist der (absolut berechtigte) Vaterstolz unübersehbar.
    Gestern war ich wieder auf der VCF in München. Ja es ist schon wieder ein Jahr vergangen, seit ich meinen A3 (etc.) von Dir erstanden habe. Alles funktioniert tadellos und ich behalte Deine Angebote im Auge. Leider ist mittlerweile tatsächlich der Platz für das Hobby das größte Problem geworden.
    Also, nochmals alles Gute für Euch und bis bald mal wieder,

    Herzliche Grüße aus München

  2. Peter Dassow says:

    Unglaublich so viele Apple Lisa auf einem Fleck (heutzutage) zu sehen.
    Besonders auf Lisa Computer mit den sehr seltenen Twiggy Media Laufwerken kannst Du stolz sein … und meinem Vorredner pflichte ich bei – auf Deine Tochter scheinst Du mindestens genauso stolz zu sein 🙂

    Habe mir jetzt mal erlaubt, Deinen Blog in meinem Blog zu erwähnen.

  3. Dalton says:

    Very impressive, I can’t find one non-working Lisa and I find you have that many… I would be willing to pay up to $175 for a non-working one or just any of them, I really am so desperate I don’t care. After I read about Steve Jobs I realized how important he was and became my immediate hero. Email me at

  4. VILLACEQUE says:

    I am impressionning by all your Lisa, it is a wonderfull picture …
    so i buy my first Macintosh XL yesterday (it come from Sun reamarketing) and there is no harddrive. Do you know where i can found an internal Widget harddrive ???

    Thank you for your answer

    (Toulouse France)

    • alker33 says:

      A working widget hard disk is very difficult to find.. you could give ebay a try but I’d suggest to hook up an external Profile to your Lisa – they are a bit easier to find and easier to repair. The best solution would be an idefile (google) or x/profile drive from

  5. bill bootle says:

    I love your collection fantastic.
    I’m over in the UK and want to start collecting some early Apple stuff; in particular the Lisa.
    I’m not too technical, so would need one which is complete and in full working order.
    Have you any idea how/where I could get one at a sensible price as they seem to be very expensive.
    Thanks for any help.
    Don’t know how the hell you managed to build up such a large collection…you must love them.
    All the best
    Bill Bootle
    10 Garden Road
    Woolmer Green
    United Kingdom
    Tel 07949 056254

  6. Mr. G says:

    Hi Rudolf, I am looking for a working Lisa, complete with original keyboard and mouse, and an external Profile hard disk. Can you send me an e-mail with a quotation? Thanks a lot!

  7. bill bootle says:


  8. Lieber Rudi,

    bin beeindruckt über Deine Ausdauer und Konsequenz. Respekt ! Gott war ich froh das ich damals eine Lisa in der Sammlung hatte. Gut war (und ist) auch nicht mein Schwerpunkt.
    Hoffe, man sieht sich mal wieder.
    Alles Gute dem stolzen Herrn Papa 🙂

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